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CryoShower App has been designed to support you on your temperature therapy journey:



CryoShower App has been designed to support you on your temperature therapy journey:

Track your temperature therapy fundamentals

Track your mood, pain, and recovery

Understand your program

Build your temperature therapy habit

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CryoShower’s app is here to assist you through your cold therapy journey. In altering the temperature of the skin and soft tissue there is a biological response, so you can enjoy faster recovery times and improved performance while developing your brain health giving you clarity and focus throughout the day.

* Please ensure that you seek medical advice for your own conditions, CryoShower Limited in no way recommend the use of temperature therapy, each individual completes program’s at their own risk.


Recovery is a science, and is specific to each and every one of us. Its as important for day to day, as it is for major events in our lives. Keep focused on what you need to do to recover to keep your performance at the highest level.


Preparation is key to achieve your best performance. It usually comes down to routines, be that diet, sleep, mental self-talk, cold therapy exposure, or the order in which you do things. But thinking about it, planning for it, will improve your performance.


Knowing your data gives you a benchmark, be that the best time, the most pain, or a level that you want to improve from. Each data point shows you a trend, and acknowledgment of increased effort or focus. That knowledge gives you the mental boost to see the benefits and keep going.


Knowing your efforts and focus are delivering results is all you need to do more. That may be a reduction in pain you feel on a daily basis, or being able to go further, faster, or for longer. As your awareness grows you will know how cold therapy is supporting you.